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I started Feathered Arrow out of a love for photography + event planning + to be honest I fell into the wonderful world of wedding planning. Designing spaces + creating the most epic celebrations for my clients is my ultimate jam. After a trip to Haiti in 2014 while I was doing some photography work with a nonprofit, I decided that my business had to do good for others + not just my clients. I've always wanted to inspire others to go after their dreams, live their life to the fullest and not apologize for where they're headed. I also knew that after that trip, my business had to do good in other ways as well. So with every client I work with, I donate a portion of my profits back to a nonprofit. I believe that business should impact + change the world for the better, so why not do it together. I love this job + that I get to work with wonderful people, help inspire others to go after their dreams + help create some of the best memories for others. So let's get to work + have some fun friends!  

Wedding + Event planner, Designer + Lifestyle Photographer

It all started with my camera on a trip to Haiti, a conversation with a good friend + a glass of merlot. 

I'm an achiever + have a million and one ideas. I love camping under the stars, networking (you might think I'm crazy for that one), really good coffee (see snob comment above), I have the ultimate sweet tooth, I have to floss my teeth every single night (no matter where I am), I celebrate Christmas starting in November (yes, even the cheesy Hallmark Movies), I prefer the lake over the ocean (even though I live 6 blocks from the ocean) + after 2 years of not putting myself first, I've decided to dive into essential oils + learn about healthier living through non toxic products through Feathered Arrow Collective. 

Fun Facts About Me

I'm the Owner + Creative Director of Feathered Arrow. At the core, Feathered Arrow is a wedding/events + design company for people in love, brands + businesses but there's a lot more to what I do than just that. I'm also a fierce entrepreneur out to serve others, build community, + help inspire other entrepreneurs to get started chasing their dreams + living a healthier life through oils + non toxic products. Oh, and did I mention I'm also a lifestyle photographer. 

I'm a coffee snob, I think fall weather + wearing sweaters is the best time of the year, I'm an entrepreneur who has a million ideas to impact and change the world + a true donut connoisseur. I think photos are one of the most important things to have in life especially old photos from generations before. There's always a story behind every one. I'm a proud small town girl from the midwest + I'm just here chasing my big city dreams in sunny California. I believe wholeheartedly in the goodness of people, that being in community + relationship with others is key to finding true joy + that self-help books are the ultimate guide to getting you started to where you want to be in your life. 

From very personal experiences I know first hand + truly believe that life is too short to not go after what you want + so I'm here seeking out the most fun, inspiring + coolest people around to collaborate with + be my clients. 

Life is good because I get to create killer spaces + intimate moments for people by helping them throw epic celebrations. Capturing the stories of beautiful humans through my camera or by simply inspiring people to start getting after their dreams, right here and right now, which is pretty freakin fantastic. Running this business is pretty great in my book, so let's be friends + go grab a coffee or a cocktail + dig in friends! 

Hi Friends. I'm Kari! 

Meet The Woman behind Feathered Arrow

I pride myself on being your expert guide (to the best of my ability), your highly detail oriented friend + the calm before the storm. I believe that planning a wedding or an event shouldn't have to be stressful, but rather it can be an enjoyable + fun experience for everyone. I want to flip the industry standard upside down + break the stigma around wedding planning being stressful + crazy. Listen folks, although it's an important one, it's also one day of your life + news flash, life isn't perfect so go with the flow, hire + trust the experts + enjoy the process! You only get this season once + I think you shouldn't wish time away just wanting your wedding day to be here already. Enjoy the planning + the details + laugh at the things that go wrong my friends! Your wedding will be great no matter what because guess what, you get to marry your best friend. (and you decided to hire a planner)  

I've been told, I'm One of the most chill, stress free, organized, laid back + highly detailed planners people have ever met.

What Makes Me different

 > You're a fun couple or company that is looking to throw an epic celebration or event that people walk away from talking about for years to come. 
> You value the details, design, and the importance of a planner + hiring a great team of vendors. 
> You trust your team of experts + allow them to help guide you + provide expertise throughout the process.
> You love traditions but also want to have some non-traditional elements + really make the wedding represent the two of you. 
> You like to have fun! (We'll have a cocktail or two throughout the process or coffee if that's more your vibe). 
> You're looking for a planner to help guide you in the design, details, all things wedding or event related, put you at ease + someone who is just as excited for your wedding or event as you are!  
> You're willing to step outside the box + incorporate new + fun ideas. 
> You're just straight up a kind human being. 

how do You know if we're a great fit?

Generosity Water: Helping to build water wells for a community of people in need of clean water. 

ServeHAITI: We help the people of Grand-Bois live a better life + to provide resources for them to be self-sustaining. They receive help + resources through the local medical clinic + some people walk miles + miles just to get proper care. 

Good City Mentors: They provide inspiring mentorship for inner city youth in the city of Los Angeles. The leadership program helps them from falling off track by positively impacting student engagement, achievement and graduation rates. They are a nonprofit that I volunteer with on a weekly basis.  


About My partners


Because we have organizations close to our heart that we want to fully support through our work + events that we get to host with our amazing clients! 

Event Planning +


Wedding Planning
 + Design 

How We Can Serve YOU

We're honored to have our work featured on these well known wedding blog publications 

Feathered Arrow Collective 

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Wedding Coordination begins at $2,650 + Event Coordination is a custom quote for every client based on their needs

We know each couple or client has a different + unique story to tell + they want their event to be their own. That's why we don't like putting everyone in the same box. We want to sit down + get to know you, your fiancĂ©, your business or your brand over a cup of coffee or a cocktail. We want to bring YOUR vision to life! We offer all types of packages + really love to customize for our clients to best fit your needs. Whether it's basic coordination + logistics management to full on planning. No need to worry! Need more help with design? That's our speciality! Stressing about timelines + logistical items? Check. Need someone to answer all the questions from your mother in law or your boss? Let's do this. Simply put, we are with you every step of the way to make planning your wedding or any event a fun + easy experience. Our ultimate goal is for you to simply enjoy the day when it arrives, sit back, relax + sip on that champagne without any cares in the world because we've got everything handled. And yes, we mean everything! Now let's party! 

If you're still reading this, you just might be my kind of people....

Let's work Together Friends

I met Kari through a mutual friend and I instantly knew she would be a good fit as a wedding planner for me because she was very flexible and had many packages based on our needs. I hired her for month of services but she was extremely helpful and present throughout the entire wedding process. She was my sounding board for any wedding related questions and it was obvious that she was a total expert in this space. In the last month was when she really shined. She made me feel so comfortable and I knew with her as my planner, all would be taken care of. No matter how stressful the situation got, she handled it with complete poise. She took care of every vendor conversation with so much professionalism and a sense of calm. The wedding weekend went off without a hitch thanks to the fact that Kari was so detail oriented, creative and organized. Kari was not only a wonderful planner but in the process, became my friend. If you are looking for someone who is cost effective and "all in," Kari is your girl!

Vish + Matt 

The wedding weekend went off without a hitch thanks to the fact that kari was so detail oriented, creative and organized. Kari is
 your girl!!


Hiring Feathered Arrow was probably the best decision we made during our entire wedding planning process. Working with Kari was such a joy -- she is organized and methodical and so on top of every follow-up item as well as your timeline. 
We hired Kari and her team for two reasons and we're so glad we did: 1) our parents are on the east coast and we felt we needed the help, and 2) the venue we picked (Triunfo Creek Vineyards) is essentially a blank slate and we felt a bit overwhelmed coordinating all of the vendors on our own. Kari had some wonderful vendor suggestions and we were truly pleased with every single vendor we hired. 

Not only is Kari professional and diligent in her work, she really took the time to understand what we wanted most out of our wedding, and offered her own creative suggestions to help us achieve a dream weekend. She also remained completely calm and focused on the day whenever anything cropped up, which really allowed us to relax and just enjoy the moment with our family and friends.

I strongly recommend hiring Kari and her team for your wedding - you will not regret it!

Keri + Tyler 

Love notes from My clients

Hiring Feathered Arrow was the best decision we made during our entire wedding planning process!!!

I am so glad we hired Kari as our wedding coordinator. My husband and I were planning a cocktail style wedding at The Unique Space on June 16, 2018 in downtown LA and since it's just an open space where you bring everything in we knew we'd need someone to help organize all the vendors. Kari was so calm and organized. I had over 15 vendors on the day of our party and everything ran smoothly. And truthfully if it didn't, i had no idea because Kari handled it all! I felt comfortable getting ready on the morning of knowing Kari was at the venue setting it all up. She met us for multiple walk-thrus prior to our event and always had great ideas for us. She's super organized and followed up with all of our vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding, which was a huge weight off my shoulders at that busy time. All of our guests said ours was the best wedding they'd ever been to and a lot of that had to do with Kari and her skillz! Overall I can't imagine planning a wedding without a coordinator and Kari, especially, did an amazing job for us! I'd book her if you get the chance!!

Andi + Seb

Love notes from My clients

I'd book her if you get the chance! Our guests said that it was the best wedding they have ever been to! 

Kari is absolutely incredible at what she does! We are so extremely thankful to have had her throughout the wedding planning process. Our wedding day at Triunfo Creek Vineyards could not have gone more seamlessly and I know that is all thanks to her! 

Kari is so incredibly organized and on top of things, and always returned my emails and calls promptly. Over the 9 months of planning, Kari was involved in almost every aspect of the process with us, and even helped us work out a budget spreadsheet to keep everything on track. She provides you with a monthly checklist all the way up until the big day, and that list was seriously my bible for planning. Because of it, I knew that I was not forgetting even the littlest of details. Her vendor recommendations are also a huge help- she provided such wonderful vendors that not only were affordable but that were also a pleasure to work with. 

Kari did so much for us, but really it was during the last month and day of that she really blew me away! Her attention to detail is spectacular and I never had to worry that something was not handled. She made sure that the huge space at Triunfo was decorated and transformed for our day and that all of the design elements we had chosen worked together cohesively. I seriously cannot thank Kari enough! Aside from being good at her job, Kari is also just one of the nicest humans and I genuinely enjoyed getting to know and work with her throughout this whole process. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a planner- I promise she will keep you cool as a cucumber!

Katie + Ryan

Love notes from My clients

Kari is absolutely incredible at what she does! I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a planner!


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I want to help you celebrate + throw the best celebration EVER. 

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