Design and plan epic and stress free wedding celebrations and events for rad couples. Think of us as your new best friend who's an expert helping you plan your big day. Oh! And we curate beautiful photography prints for your home. Really we're all about sparking a lot of joy into your life. 

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We know the ins and outs of what makes an epic wedding and how to make it uniquely yours. We know all about timelines, design, logistics, budgeting, and have so many great vendor referrals and relationships that will be perfect for your big day. While we know stress is inevitable throughout the process, we do our best to make it the best experience and be your guide and friend throughout it all. Our goal is that you get to show up on the day of the wedding feeling nothing but pure bliss and being fully present knowing our team is handling every last detail.

Take it from me, a seasoned wedding professional and a recent bride... you need an amazing wedding planner on your side. It all goes by way too fast, so make the investment and hire a planner. We'll make your dreams come true and allow you to soak up every moment.

Photography prints that spark joy in your most sacred spaces. Shop our sustainable prints or contact us for a custom one.

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Design guru obsessed with the details of your big day and making everything look + feel better than you imagined.


Expert wedding planner curating epic celebrations + stress free couples since 2014.

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Well friends, I can guarantee you, the one thing couples are most grateful for at the end of the day is a wedding planner! We help you navigate the ups and downs, all the details, logistics, timelines and so much more while helping you enjoy the planning process and allowing you to have fun along the way!

Imagine being fully present on your wedding day and not having to worry about a single detail or ask someone to move chairs. You may be asking, how the heck does that happen? 

Wedding Planning

You want to make your wedding day YOURS, no matter what that entails (a live tattoo artist, live music, disco balls, lots of color or not) we can do it all 

You trust your team of vendors + value what we do

You value the details, design + experience of the day 

You're a fun, laid back couple looking to throw an epic celebration that is done the way you want

Our Ideal Clients

This is more of an 80/20 planning process and we take the lead on almost everything. This package will have you feeling carefree!

Full Planning

Think of this as a 50/50 planning process to help guide you, provide referrals, design help, budget tools and much more.

Partial Planning

Basic coordination and planning help to keep you on track and stress free. We only offer this package to clients at certain venues and take on a very limited number of these packages.

Wedding Management


*Pricing listed are starting price points and vary per client based on guest count, details, budget, location, etc. Most clients on average spend between $10k - $15k. Please note that our minimum for most clients starts at $10k. 

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It's such a relief leading up to your wedding knowing that you have one of the most experienced and calm people looking out for you. I had the absolute BEST time at my wedding, and it really was better than I thought it could be. Everything was more detailed and beautiful than I imagined, and it was the smoothest and most stress-free day it could have been. If you're on the fence about getting a coordinator, go with Feathered Arrow!

"It's safe to say hiring Feathered Arrow was the best choice we made for our wedding."

2022 Bride


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"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

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Whether it's on zoom or in person, let's grab a coffee together and start chatting about your wedding plans and vision. It might feel overwhelming but this is our expertise, our bread and butter. So let's chat and calm those wedding planning nerves. 

but first

I'm sharing my wedding secrets (I guess they're not really secrets if I'm sharing them) but hey! Grab this free wedding budget guide to help you set a proper budget for your big day so you don't blow through it. 

Wedding Budget Guide

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Looking for the perfect photo to hang in your office? One that ignites joy and transports you to your favorite place or sparks a favorite memory? 

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