How To Create Funny Wedding Hashtags

bride and groom FaceTime family after wedding at Cielo Farms
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(Plus Where You Can Use Wedding Hashtags)

bride and groom FaceTime family after wedding at Cielo Farms
Photo by: Cheers Babe Photo

One of the best parts of wedding planning is coming up with some funny wedding hashtags. The happiest day of your lives deserves some well-placed humor and some cleverly crafted puns! Wedding hashtags, especially humorous ones, have been steadily increasing in popularity. They add that extra personalization to a wedding, making it more indicative of you and your partner’s personality and you get to see all the photos your guests took of the night!  

Why You Should Get A Wedding Hashtag

Sogno del fiore wedding ceremony in Santa Ynez winery welcome table, guest sign in book with poloroid photos
Photo by: Anna J Photography

Social media is now an unavoidable part of everyday life, and of course, that means weddings, too! Having one (or more) wedding hashtags for your ceremony and reception does more than imparts a theme. Because it allows every guest at the wedding to contribute and view your wedding highlights in one convenient location. 

Gone are the days you asked for photos to be forwarded or mailed to you! Apart from the practical reasons, wedding hashtags also spread joy and allows the couple to showcase what makes them tick. A wedding hashtag is personal and can be funny (or even an inside joke). Plus, there are so many awe-inspiring and aesthetic ways to display it at your wedding. 

Here are some great reasons why coming up with a stellar wedding hashtag is well worth your time and effort:

  •  Wedding hashtags are a uniting force for all the guests at your reception. First, create a unique wedding hashtag that won’t get lost in the social media sea. Then you can use it to share wedding updates and create a festive excitement around your big event.
  •  Many people use wedding hashtags to assemble a modern, accessible guestbook!
  •  A wedding hashtag, particularly funny wedding hashtags, is brilliant for tracking your pictures and short videos! They’ll live in one lineup and location, and you don’t get post-wedding anxiety about locating them. Because everyone knows random candid shots are sometimes the most frame-worthy!  
  •  A brilliantly crafted set of wedding hashtags can be great for showing off your new married name.
  •  If you love personalized décor like signage and wedding favors, a set of funny wedding hashtags will help set the mood.
  • Wedding hashtags are also a great conversation starter. They can get guests to connect even before the big day and provide many conversation opportunities during the reception.

When Should You Create Your Wedding Hashtag?

A music festival themed wedding at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, calligraphy music video seating chart
Photo by: Kadi Tobin Photography

When it comes to creating wedding hashtags, there are no hard and fast rules. However, the sooner you start one, the sooner you reap the benefits of one. A hashtag becomes a shared location where wedding-related images can be stored. However, “wedding-related” may imply whatever you want it to. It can include the engagement photos and wedding festivities such as your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and beyond.

Funny Wedding Hashtag Ideas 

If funny wedding hashtags are what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll have a pretty incredible time coming up with ideas. But, to get your juices flowing, we have some funny wedding hashtags for you!



















How To Use Your Wedding Hashtags

Once you find the perfect wedding hashtag, it’s important to use it consistently. Add it throughout the wedding planning process and in different areas of your ceremony and reception. Here are ways to showcase your funny wedding hashtags as aesthetic and functional wedding day décor! If you’re having difficulty with your slogan for life, use a wedding hashtag generator

Photo courtesy of Wedding Hashers

1. Neon Lights

Love the 80s club vibe? Neon signs have made a comeback like no other! Because they’re impactful and can also be incredibly chic in colors like gold, rose gold, or silver. However, some couples just adore more conventional neon colors like yellow, green, and blue! Neon signs are also very versatile. Regardless of the décor theme chosen, you can have your wedding hashtag towering high for all to see. Place the sign at the reception, as a ceremony backdrop, or even as a grand centerpiece for the venue. Light up your creativity for the world to see! 

2. Bar Sign

A bar sign is also a great way of announcing your funny wedding hashtags to your guests. There are so many designs you can use! From a chalkboard, to a wooden board, frame, acrylic, or see-through glass bar signs. The bar sign is also an opportunity to encourage people to pick up a wedding favor, or share a joke. This also ensures guests will see it because everyone goes to the bar for a drink at some point in the evening.

3. Directional Signs

Nothing is cuter than a directional sign telling you the wedding hashtag! It especially works well for outdoor weddings, or venues with confusing layouts. When you use themed signs, guests know they’re on the right path. Or you can ‘direct’ your guests about the hashtag they should use for sharing and accessing all wedding media! 

4. Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are a lot of fun, especially if you’ve taken the time to have unique wedding props made. They’re popular with people of all ages, and they can be a sought-after activity during a reception. It’s also the perfect place to have your funny wedding hashtags appear center stage! Add them to props or printed on the photos.

5. Wedding Favors

A hashtag on a wedding favor is a beautiful and practical feature. It reminds your guests to share the photos they’ve taken using the hashtag. Additionally, they will remember to peruse the gallery once they get home. 

6. Wedding Invitation

Funny wedding hashtags are also ideal for the wedding invitation, as guests stay in the loop about wedding-specific information. For example, they can learn about dress codes and date reminders. They can also be updated on pre-wedding events such as bachelorette parties, spa days, and family dinners. It’s the ultimate communication tool! 

7. Wedding Website

For the couples that have made a wedding website or Facebook page for their wedding celebrations, including the wedding hashtag (or a set of them) is a no-brainer. It inspires guests and loved ones to be more involved in the pre-wedding excitement and planning.

Your Wedding’s Magic Ingredient

Wedding hashtags can help make your wedding so special, because they let you share your love with friends, family, and maybe even the world. Your wedding deserves attention and wonderment, and a clever, funny, and endearing hashtag might be the magic ingredient!

I hope this list has helped you create and share your unique wedding hashtags! We want to give a huge thanks to our friends at Wedding Hashers for collaborating with us on this post. If you’re ready to start planning your wedding + wedding hashtags, contact me on my homepage here!

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