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How To Book More Consultation Calls

July 23, 2020

3 Tips To Getting Consultation Calls Scheduled

As an entrepreneur, I know just how important it is to get a steady steam of clients. However, one of the biggest hurdles we face when trying to onboard a client is confirming a consultation call. If you experience this in your business, then check out my tips to get consultation calls scheduled and clients booked!

Reply Within 24 Hours

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This may seem like an old business trick but it couldn’t be truer now. We are all close to some sort of technology most of the time; so when you get an inquiry, take a few moments to reply. Consider an automated response email, just so they know you received their request. Set your response time based on what works best for you and your business, but be consistent. And always reply in a timely manner! We use HoneyBook, so our potential clients get an automatic email with a questionnaire to fill out. That way we can learn more about them prior to the call! Then we respond directly within 24 hours! The quick replies always impress clients and show them that you’re on top of it and are great at communication!

Create Templates + “Personalized” Canned Responses

Always create templates + “personalized” canned responses in your business! For new inquiries, we have an email template set up with a canned response so that we can quickly respond. We also send a brochure to give clients initial information about Feathered Arrow and our services, before our consultation call. When creating canned responses, be sure to quickly edit with personalized touches and respond within that 24 hour time frame. With Honeybook, it’s super easy to edit to make it more personal, and allows me to easily respond to clients from anywhere. I even access it through the app on my phone! This will save you so much time in your business and allows other team members to take over if necessary.

Use Scheduling Software

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I’ve recently started using the scheduling tool, Calendly, to schedule my consultation calls and I have seen a 50% increase in booking calls with potential clients. I’m not kidding. There are so many platforms that can help you with your business, but this has been one of the best on returns for me! We all know how frustrating it can be to go back and forth on times + dates with potential clients, so now I send a Calendly link that has my availability and the client books it from there. It sends them a little note from me as well so they know what to do next. I typically tell my clients, I will call them at the number provided, encourage them to look over the brochure and come prepared with questions and for both partners to be present for the call if possible. It’s so easy! Because potential clients are already on their phones, computers or tablets researching, they’re more likely to set up a call that way too. I get notified and can send out other on boarding materials before the call as well. You can also use Calendly for other meetings and calls and put the decision in your clients’ hands. You can set the parameters on when you’re available and it updates constantly with your calendar so that it blocks out times that you have other things scheduled. It’s been a godsend and it makes it so much easier for potential clients!

I hope these tips will help you when trying to schedule more consultation calls for your business! For more business tips + tricks, check out my post on knowing when to outsource for your business!

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