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How To Build Your Wedding Registry

February 13, 2020

3 Tips To Building Your Wedding Registry 

(and if it’s okay to ask for cash)

how to build your wedding registry

You’re deep in the details of planning your dream wedding and now guests are asking about your wedding registry. Just when you thought you had every detailed buttoned up, here’s another thing to add to the to-do list. Fear not, friends! If you’re ready to start scanning, I have put together the top 3 tips to building your wedding registry.

Assess What You Already Have

This is the first step to building your wedding registry. Maybe you’re a couple who’s living together before marriage, or deciding to combine homes post marriage. Either way, before you start planning your registry, take stock of what you already have. Do you have enough pots and pans? Are they old and need to be upgraded? Go room by room and decide together what you have and what could be replaced or bought new.

Add Different Price Points

One of the biggest pieces of advice is to include items of varying price points to your wedding registry. It may seem silly to scan that one spatula at Target but it’s hard to know everyone’s financial situation. I guarantee your guests will appreciate a selection of low, mid and high end items listed on your registry. It allows for people to gift at the level they’re comfortable or allows friends to go in on a bigger and better gift as a group.

Think Long-term Items

It may be tempting to register for the hottest item to hit the shelves, but think about if it’ll be used. Instead, consider items that will be enjoyed for long-term use. Remember, your décor tastes may change overtime. So rather than sourcing the perfect shade of blue towels to match your current bathroom, look for great quality towels that will last multiple moves. You’ll be able to enjoy the gifts for longer and have a better impact on the environment.

Can We Ask For Money?

If you and your partner feel pretty settled in all the stuff you have for your home, you might want to consider asking guests for monetary contributions instead of building a traditional registry. I know there used to be a weird stigma surrounding asking guests for money but, I think that has passed and most people understand it’s practical. If you’re feeling unsure, set up an online fund where people can contribute. Check out this blog post for unique gifts to put on your wedding registry that include things like money for your honeymoon, a down payment towards your first house, and even financial contributions to your favorite charity. Just keep in mind, some people may still insist on giving you a physical gift to celebrate which is totally fine but why register for items you don’t need when you can be more practical in asking them to support you in other ways. 

If you’re ready to start building your wedding registry, check out this blog post of 4 registry sites that will help make the process smooth as butter! And if you need some help planning the big day, contact me on my homepage here and let’s chat!

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