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How to host the best Memorial Day Weekend Party

May 16, 2019

3 Tips for your Memorial Day Weekend Party

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year? I say this every year but I swear 2019 is flying by. With summer a little over a month away, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to kick off the season. In honor of the upcoming long holiday weekend (which our team will be working), I’m sharing 3 tips for the best Memorial Day weekend party!

Show off your red, white and blue

Memorial Day Weekend Party tips

Memorial Day is when we honor the brave men and women who lost their lives while serving the Armed Forces. For your Memorial Day party, consider decorating with patriotic colors. A stripped tablecloth and red plates for the table are a nice way to add style and meaning. You can also wear a red poppy flower or add a few to an arrangement for the party. The red poppy is a beautiful flower that became the symbol to honor fallen soldiers after WWI. There are fun ways to incorporate these colors to look really pretty and not cheesy.

Prep your backyard

With weather warming up around the country, Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to host outdoors. Brush the winter debris off your patio furniture and treat your guests to a sunny BBQ lunch with fresh strawberries and other summer produce. Bonus points if you have a pool and can start the summer season with a splash!

Take it easy

Having a Memorial Day weekend party shouldn’t be a stressful fete. Think of this more as a small gathering of your friends and family to enjoy the extra day off work and nice weather. Keep the pressure off yourself and guests and let the environment do the work for you. Trust me, people will be more than happy to have a slow, easy day just hanging out with a nice glass of rosé, having a great conversation instead of trying to pack a bunch of activities into the party.  For a list of other tips to keep a party stress free, check out this post!

Hope these tips were helpful! Remember, summer is the time to kick back and have fun! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! 

If you want help planning your next summer event, click the contact button on my homepage hereand let’s set up some time to chat!

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