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4 Ways You Can Add A Pop of Color to Your Big Day

April 4, 2019

For Couples Who Love Colorful Celebrations

Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s nice to feel as though your wedding stands out. While there are many extravagant ways to achieve this, you may not have the budget to go as over the top as you’d like. One perfect and cost-effective way to make sure your big day stands out is to add in a pop of color (or more)! Here are a few tips on ways to add more color into your big day while keeping your wedding subtle and elegant:


Bright and Bold Invitations A colorful wedding at Unique Space LA, bright neon wedding invitation, adding a pop of color to your big day

Photo by:  Mary Costa Weddings

One of the first things your friends and family will see when it comes to your wedding is your invitation. Instead of white or eggshell paper, a great way to make your wedding pop is with a colorful invitation card. Don’t be afraid to customize your wedding stationary and be bold with your color choices. Whether you go with a bright red envelope or a floral postcard, the invitation possibilites are truly endless when it comes to adding in some color. An invite that makes a statement is one that will truly leave your guests feeling even more excited for your big day!


Colorful Hair Accessories

Stunning Indian Wedding in San Pedro, bride in gold and red wedding sari and groom in gold sherwani, bride and groom portrait shot

Photo by: Tim Kwon 

While it may seem a bit daunting as a bride to switch things up when it comes to your hair, there are many colorful options that won’t disappoint. Firstly, lets face it, flower crowns are all the rage. If you want an extra pop of color, a great way is to add some flowers to your hair. An even bolder way to alter your hair would be to opt for changing its shade all together. You can make colorful hair a group effort by doing some dip dye with your bridesmaids or take the plunge and go for a full-on vibrant color with colorful conditioners by hair color company, oVertone. Check out oVertone’s site for a multitude of bold colors that are sure to make a statement! For an understated version, add in colorful hair pins for a pop of color while keeping a classic look.


Unique Footwear & Socks Triunfo Creek Vineyards wedding, groom wearing multicolored socks, adding a pop of color to your big day

Photo by: Katelin Wallace Photography

A great way to incorporate color is to change up your shoes for the big day. Some brides choose bright converse, while others may go for heels that have a pop of color underneath. Whatever your style may be, don’t be afraid to make your feet pop! A perfect idea for the groomsmen is to color coordinate some fun and funky socks. It’s important for a groom to feel himself as he gets ready for his wedding, and adding in items that allow him to express himself is a great way to achieve this. While these colors may be hidden, they will leave your wedding party feeling even more united on your day!


Fun Photo Propsbride and groom sunset wedding portrait shot with smoke bombs at Triunfo Creek Vineyards, adding a pop of color to your big day

Photo by:  Wild Whim Photography

There are so many great ways to add a pop of color to your wedding photos. The easiest way to achieve this goal is by incorporating in some fun props. A perfect place to start is filling your wedding bouquet with bold and vibrant flowers. Another colorful photo trend that’s gaining popularity is to incorporate colorful smoke bombs into the mix. The smoke will give your photos a bold and dreamy look you are sure to love forever. Lastly, ask your photographer to incorporate in some larger more scenic props for your photos. Whether it’s a bright red barn that gives your photos a more rustic look or even a nearby classic car with a colorful paint job, don’t shy away from the colorful things in life!

Just remember to add things that are meaningful to you on the day of your wedding and don’t be afraid to be bold.

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