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8 Steps To Take After You Get Engaged

February 8, 2019

A guide to start planning your wedding

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get from potential clients is, “What do we do next!?” Diving into the wedding planning process can feel extremely overwhelming, but that’s where I come in. If you and your love are stressing out on what to do first, I created a quick one sheet with the first 8 steps to take after you get engaged! This will help you start the planning process and prioritize your next steps. As a sneak peek, below are the first 3 steps:

Enjoy this season of life + celebrate!

You are getting married! This is such a big, exciting chapter in your life you and your partner should take the time to celebrate with family and friends and bask in the “just got engaged” glow. A few weeks, a few months, however long it takes. Soak it all in, friends!

Sit down as a couple + get on the same page

It’s time for “the talk”. I suggest my couples sit down together and have a real conversation about each of your visions are for the day. Really try to picture from start to finish what the day will look and feel like. Decide together what you both want for your wedding day. This is so important to figure out because there will be a lot of opinions that may not align with your vision, but this is your day. Knowing the things that are important to you both will help stay on a clear planning course.

Set a budget + break it all down

This can go hand in hand with the second step. Realistically look at the budget and decide where is the money coming from for your wedding.  Then decide what items are most important to you. If having great quality photos are a high priority but you want minimal flowers, then you know you’ll want to invest more of your budget into a photographer. Maybe you want a venue with a killer view, or you and your fiancé are foodies so catering is the most important. Whatever it is, list them all out so you know where you’re willing to spend the most money when you start researching.

Ready for more? Check out the full video giving you all the details on IGTV HERE. You can also sign up HERE to get the full one sheet to help you get through your wedding planning woes.

Happy Planning Friends!

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