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4 Steps To A Stress Free Labor Day BBQ Party

August 21, 2018

How to host a Labor Day BBQ Party without the stress!

I know summer doesn’t end for a few weeks but there’s something about Labor Day that always signals the end of the season for me. It feels like the last opportunity to squeeze in summer fun before pumpkin spice lattes take over. Don’t you agree? Having a Labor Day BBQ party is the perfect way to celebrate those summer days with friends and family. So in honor of the upcoming long holiday weekend, I’m sharing 4 things you must do for the best, low stress Labor Day BBQ bash ever!


Host a party at a local park or the beach

This is such a great idea to take the pressure off of hosting at home. You can spend the time enjoying the day and not stress about making your place spotless. With a little research, you can find a local park or beach spot that will allow a bbq, or have fire pits already set up! Pro tip: arrive a little early to secure a good shady spot! If you do decide to host your Labor Day BBQ at home, we suggest keeping it to the daytime so you can host it outside. Maybe even poolside!


Host a potluck style party

How to host a Labor Day BBQ Party without the stress, lemonade

Ask your guests to contribute their favorite summer treat so you don’t have to cook for everyone. It allows guests to feel a part of it and bring fun recipes! If people are stuck on ideas, suggest easy fresh summer produce recipes to get in those last few bites of summer. Like a watermelon salad or Mexican street corn…simple but delicious! And don’t forget the s’mores!


Keep it picnic style

How to host a Labor Day BBQ Party without the stress, picnic set up


This will make food and décor options a no brainer. When it comes to low-key weekend hangs during a Labor Day BBQ, people love to keep it casual. Blankets on the grass or sand and oversized pillows will give everything a cozy, relaxed feel. Added bonus if you can use palm-leaf plates, which are disposable but eco-friendly!


Easy Summer Playlist

How to host a Labor Day BBQ Party without the stress, bicycles

No party is complete without music. Instead of spending time trying to put together a playlist, choose a pre-made summer playlist from apps like Spotify or Pandora! There are so many different mixes already available; all you have to do is press play. Think Beach Boys playlists, summer hits of 2018 playlist, or a fun idea is to play summer hits from say 10 years ago.  N*Sync anyone?


Hope these tips were helpful! Remember, summer is the time to kick back and have fun! Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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