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How to Plan Your Wedding Stress Free With One Secret

July 27, 2018

Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Countdown Checklist To Plan Your Wedding With Less Stress

The one thing I know every client needs is a wedding planning countdown checklist! Once couples get engaged + the celebrations start to slow down, the reality of planning a wedding can be daunting. You start thinking about guest lists, venue searches, budget, design, food, music + the list goes on and on. Every client is stressed + has a million questions but once they see this guide, their minds are put to ease. Seeing a breakdown of items on their to do list makes the whole process feel less overwhelming.

A big part of guiding my couples has always been giving them a 9-12 month wedding planning countdown checklist. This helps make it easier for them + heck, more enjoyable. This checklist is my bible for clients because it keeps them on track, checks their progress + reminds them of details. This checklist also helps me to follow up with them. There are a million questions: when do we send out Save the Dates, how far in advance should I book a photographer, when do we send the invites!?! Well, I’ve got you covered with this countdown checklist + trust me, I promise you’ll feel 110% less stressed.

Feathered Arrow Wedding Planning Checklist Guide

What’s All Inside The Wedding Planning Countdown Checklist

Inside you’ll find a breakdown checklist starting 9-12 months out. This checklist guide breaks it down for you so you know when to complete certain tasks and what you should be working on at each point throughout the process. With each item to check off, I’ve shared a little tid bit underneath it that I’ve found answered questions for clients as well. For example, did you know that you can only get your marriage license 90 days out from your wedding? Any earlier + it’s considered invalid! I’m sharing my biggest tips + tricks so that you can have the ultimate guide that all my clients get as well! You can get the checklist by signing up for my newsletter and get all your wedding questions answered.

Saving Money On Wedding Design Details

Lastly, there are also some great wedding websites that you can design your save the dates, invites, table numbers, etc such as Minted + BasicInvite. Because I love y’all, my readers, I’ve partnered with both companies and I want to share my discount with you for 20% off your orders!

  1. Head to Minted and enter code “wedplfeatheredarrow” for 20% off your orders
  2. You can also head to Basic Invite and enter “featheredarrow20” for 20% off your order

Feathered Arrow Wedding Planning Checklist Guide

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