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The Local Table Podcast Episode 8: Trusting Your Intuition As a Business Owner

July 22, 2020

The Local Table Podcast Show Notes

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The Local Table Podcast: Trusting Your Intuition As a Business Owner with Fran Gallaher
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Thanks for tuning into The Local Table Podcast! I’m excited for our lesson about trusting your intuition as a business owner. Today we’re chatting with Fran Gallaher, an Intuitive Life Coach and founder of Really Flourish. Fran is also the creator of the leadership program, Trust Your Gut: Intuition for Decisions That Matter. Fran combines an intuitive reading, where she “reads” a client’s energy, picking up information from their soul and guides, and coaches clients to new levels of success, healing, and well-being. As a result of working with Fran, clients regain focus, reconnect with their more authentic selves, and develop strategies for maintaining focus and connection to creativity, meaning, and soul purpose.

Key Takeaways + Tips

Based in Denver, Colorado, Fran began her coaching career as adjunct faculty for The Program in Intuition, The Kaiser Institute, for eight years and has spoken and presented for a variety of groups and businesses including: The Tennessee Hospital Association, Vizient Inc. (formerly VHA), the Mayo Clinic, Anthem/BlueCross BlueShield, Banner Health, Innovative Connections Inc. and other leaders in healthcare.

As a child, Fran saw non-physical beings and could see into the life of others but wasn’t sure what it was. Her parents just thought she had an overactive imagination. It wasn’t until later in life, she realized she is an Intuitive Reader and could use her intuition to help others.

While Fran began her business as an Intuitive Reader, she realized she didn’t have great business sense and learned two of the most important skills were handling finances and marketing. Kari agreed that outsourcing was huge for her business growth when she outsourced both finances and marketing.

After some time, Fran found that her business started to became overwhelming because her clients had become dependent on her Intuition. So she decided to become a coach to help people understand how to make decisions and trust their own intuition.

“A block to intuition is that we expect intuition to act like logic; we expect it to be rational.” 

Logic vs Intuition

Logic and intuition are two ways your brain works. If you don’t trust your intuition, you’re neglecting a large part of how your brain works. Logic is linear and sequential. Where as intuition is a single insight that can be large or small.

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed In Your Business

Fran begins teaching intuition to her clients with this question: What do I have energy for? Then she assesses clients by understanding the development of their chakras. The first three Chakras are about survival, the next four Chakras are about emotional/psychological and spiritual development. The goal is for everyone to grow in both directions. 

Fran’s advice when you’re feeling overwhelmed with your business, the first step to trusting your intuition and grounding yourself is to get quiet for one minute, focus on your breathing and taking a moment for yourself. 

Trust Your Gut FREE Mini Course

Fran offers a Trust Your Gut mini-course on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 30th, 31st and August 1st, at 10am to 10:30am MTN time. She is also running the mini-course again August 14th, 15th, and 16th, Friday, 5pm to 5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 1:30pm MTN time.
Both mini-courses are on Zoom and you register on her website to receive the Zoom link. It’s a 3 day course that will help you ready begin trusting your intuition. The first day of the course is getting clients to understand how their conditioning has blocked them from using their intuition. The second Day of the course is how we are using our energy. For the third day, be sure to check out Fran’s website!

The main course, Trust Your Gut: Intuition for Decisions That Matter, has a new start date: Monday, August 24.

Things We Mentioned

You can find Fran on her website, LinkedIn, Instagram and every Monday doing a live session on Facebook.

Thanks for listening, friends! If you’re interested in more internal work as a business owner, check out this episode of The Local Table where we talk about meditation and reiki for business development! Tune in for a new episode of The Local Table Podcast on Spotify and iTunes

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