The Local Table Podcast Episode 7: Embracing Slow Entrepreneurship

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The Local Table Podcast Show Notes

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Our Guest

The Local Table Podcast with Sarah Magidoff creator of the Slow Entrepreneurship lifestyle
Photo by: Micah Dahlberg 

Welcome back to the Local Table Podcast!  Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with a friend of mine, Sarah Magidoff. Sarah is the founder of the Slow Entrepreneur Movement, an online platform, newsletter, and challenge series dedicated to helping hard-working entrepreneurs work less while getting more done, so they can make room for what matters most. She believes that true, sustainable success, happens when we make our well-being the top priority. I can’t wait for you to hear how she’s embraced the slow entrepreneurship lifestyle!

Sarah is also the founder of Canopy, a boutique creative studio crafting beautiful, purpose-filled brand strategies and design solutions for emerging businesses focused on sustainability.

Key Takeaways + Tips

Sarah believes that “the health and wellness of a business is dependent on the health and well being of the founder”. Something she wants all business owners to understand is that “rest is an act of productivity”. While unfortunately, “our culture implicitly tells us our worth is wrapped in our accomplishments”, that’s the notion Sarah is working against in her own business, and for other business owners.

For instance, Sarah is really upfront about her guidelines and boundaries with clients. A practice Sarah has in place for her business is she takes every Wednesday off of work to recharge. This is a non-negotiable practice that she let’s clients know immediately so they have the expectation in mind and aren’t surprised by her hours. And if a client asks for above and beyond, Sarah isn’t afraid to let that client know about additional costs. This is something we can all aspire to do in our businesses, because especially in a service based industry, you know that your time is money and valuable.

Whenever she’s feeling doubtful in her business, Sarah has a practice of writing down all her fears and guilty feelings, and then writing the truths next to them. According to Sarah, “the uncomfortable emotions are scary but if you give yourself the space to feel them, it allows them to release”.

Manoush: “Boredom equals creativity” 

Slow Entrepreneurship Values

Slow Entrepreneurship has 9 core values but the Top 3 are:

  1. Work smarter, not harder
  2. You are not what you do
  3. Use technology responsibly  

Slow Entrepreneurship also has 25 practices that you can check out and choose which ones are right for you on Sarah’s website.

How To Get Started On Your Slow Entrepreneurship Lifestyle

Love what you’re hearing and ready to move forward on your own journey towards an slow entrepreneurship life? Here are three ways to start today:

  1. Go to the website and download the Jumpstart Challenge
  2. Subscribe to her newsletter
  3. Read through the interviews on the website

Things We Mentioned

You can find Sarah online on her website, Slow EntrepreneurSlow Entrepreneur instagram, as well as Pinterest. To get branding work with Sarah, contact her on her website Canopy, or see her work on Instagram and Pinterest

Tune in for a new episode of The Local Table Podcast on Spotify and iTunes! PS – If you want to read the show notes from the last episode, you can find them here!

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