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Your Ultimate Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

March 12, 2020

Make A Budget + Stick To It With This FREE Downloadable Wedding Budget Spreadsheet!

Free downloadable wedding budget spreadsheet

Hey friends! It’s no secret that weddings can cost a pretty penny. Just how much you ask? Well, the average wedding in California can cost upwards of $70k. (And according to The Knot, the average cost for a wedding in other parts of the country is around $33k.) However, don’t let that number give you sticker shock! No matter what your budget is for the big day, it’s important to understand where all that money is going. It can all feel pretty overwhelming at first. I often get questions from clients wondering where to start but fear not! To help, I created a FREE downloadable wedding budget spreadsheet to guide you with your expenses. This will take you from “I HAVE NO CLUE!” to “WE’VE GOT THIS!”. After you download the spreadsheet, check out this blog post for more tips on starting to plan your wedding budget. 

downloadable wedding budget spreadsheet

Remember, there are always ways you can save. However, don’t be fooled by the urge to DIY everything. Sometimes that can end up being even more costly than hiring a pro and hiring a pro will be way less stressful. Check out the top tips for your wedding budget here and ways to save for your wedding

If you’re ready for more money saving tips, check out our budget friendly wedding party gift ideas here and be sure to download the guide

If you want help tackling all things wedding, including your wedding budget spreadsheet, contact me on my homepage here and let’s chat!

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