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The Local Table Podcast: Episode 4: All About Improv

December 19, 2019

The Local Table Podcast Show Notes

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Our Guest

Welcome back to The Local Table Podcast, friends! Today, we’re chatting with a good friend of mine from my days at TOMS, Brian Nelson about Improv and how it can change not only career but your personal relationships for the better. Brian is currently the Senior Admissions Producer and Operations Lead at General Assembly but he also leads business workshops through his business Seriously Improv

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Key Takeaways + Tips

  • Brian started implementing his improv work into his work and started workshops to help teach others how to work together as a team
  • “It’s important to invest in people and relationships”
  • If you’re in a brainstorming meeting, you can use the “yes and…” rules of improv to build on an idea
  • “Being committed and specific adds so much”
  • “Listening is such a simple thing that we don’t do well as humans”
  • “Eye contact is one of the most powerful human things you can do”
  • “Vulnerability is really hard but vulnerability builds trust, and trust builds relationships”
  • Top three rules to improvisation are: Invest in “yes and…”, listen (and be 100% present), and commitment
  • “To be a good sales person, you have to drop your agenda”
  • “The biggest gift you can give in a sales role is yourself. Everything you have as a unique version of yourself is the best gift you can give” 
  • Brian’s advice about feeling stuck in your career is to take baby steps to explore other outlets
  • “What are the practices your committing in your life to honor [your season]”
  • “Show up, be true to who you are, adapt to the surroundings you’re in, listen and invest”
  • Kari: “Take a mental break and be intentional about your time”
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Things We Mentioned

You can tune into this week’s episode right now! Thanks for listening!

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