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The Local Table Podcast: Episode 1

November 14, 2019

The Local Table Podcast Show Notes

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Local Table Podcast! I am so excited to be sharing this with you. Each week, we’ll be chatting with other entrepreneur friends about their journey’s into business and the lessons they’ve learned. I want this podcast to be a place where people find inspiration and walk away feeling empowered. This week, we dive into why outsourcing in your business is essential, and how to capitalize on our differences as entrepreneurs. So grab a drink and pull up a seat at the Local Table!

Our Guest

This week, our guest is Gabby Pinkerton of Cause We Can Events. Gabby started in the non-profit world before starting her own business, Cause We Can Events where they specialize in outdoor, destination, and adventurous weddings. You can find her on instagram or on her youtube channel.

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Key Takeaways + Tips

  • Work life balance doesn’t exist. There are seasons to life and it’s about finding a balance for you.
  • Outsource what you hate the most about your business. It may seem like a scary leap, but it’s completely worth it and doable. (and a tax write off!)
  • Gabby’s advice: “Find something super unique. If you’re selling a service that’s really specific to a certain person or group of people, let your freak flag fly. I see the trends going towards personalized services.” + “Don’t ever think you know everything”.
  • Kari’s advice: “We’re all different, we all have something unique to bring to the table.” Ask your clients what makes you special…people kept telling me how calm of a wedding planner I am.
  • Capitalize on what makes you different

Things We Mentioned

You can tune in right now to this episode below! I hope this episode is helpful to you and encourages you to take the next leap in your business! If you’d like more info about outsourcing for your business, check out my blog post here.

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