How To Work As A Team With Other Wedding Vendors

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5 Tips To Help You Work As A Team With Other Wedding Vendors + Make Vendor Friends

One of the biggest aspects of my job is coordinating with a variety of vendors so a wedding runs smoothly. There are catering teams, photographers, florists, DJ’s, rental companies and more creative people that come together to put on an event. In order to have the best event possible, it’s crucial that everyone works together. So I wanted to share a few ways to work as a team with other wedding vendors.   

how to work as a team with other wedding vendors

Communication Is Key

This is true for any work environment but especially when you’re working an event with multiple people. It’s so important that everyone is on the same page for every element of the event. With so much technology available, it’s easier than ever to include everyone on all the necessary pieces. Always email or call to ensure they’ve received info and to see if there’s an update you need to know. You’re not bothering anyone by following up and confirming details. It’s best to be thorough. When running a business, you need consistent and timely communication at all times. It shows professionalism and that you know what you’re doing. Who doesn’t want to be regarded as an expert in their field?

How to work as a team with other wedding vendors, floral team putting garland on the table
Photo by: Palms and Pines Photography

Remember You’re All On The Same Team 

It takes a village to execute any event and the most important thing is that everyone has the same goal; to make the event the best it can be! So everyone needs to work together as one big team. I like to think we’re all friends hosting a party for a mutual friend. Trust the vendors and their creative expertise, and know that if everyone works together, it’ll produce an amazing day! There’s no need to for tension, being rude or mean to other vendors or in some cases yelling at other vendors. In case of any issues, my number one thing is to problem solve as a team and make it happen, whatever we’re trying to do!

Photo by: Rachel McCauley Photography

Check In During The Event

In the middle of an event, it can be easy to get swept up in the chaos. I know there have been times when I forget to eat or drink because I’m just so busy. However, it’s so important to check in with everyone. Watch out for one another and if you aren’t sure if the photographers have eaten yet, ask! Always check in to make sure that everyone has what he or she needs to do their job; and if they don’t, help them figure out a solution. It’s also best to check in with key vendors during an event in case things are running behind or there was a mishap. Again, everyone being on the same page is super important!

Sogno del fiore wedding reception in Santa Ynez winery
Photo by: Anna J Photography

Have fun!

I have been repeatedly told that I am the calmest and most relaxed wedding planner people have met. And I am so proud of that! While there can be a lot of stress and troubleshooting during a wedding, the bigger picture is that it’s celebrating two people in love. So have fun! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and dance when your song comes on during the reception. It’s fun for guests to see you also enjoying the event.  Especially as the planner, I typically set the tone for the event and when other vendors can work in space that is calm and flowing smoothly, everyone gets to enjoy doing their job! As Marie Forleo would say,  “Everything is figureoutable”. So there’s no need to be upset or freak out during an event because there’s always a solution. And at the end of the day, the couple will still get married and more than likely have the best time ever!

Follow Up Post Event

You know to follow up with your clients once the event is over, but you should also follow up with vendors! Sending a quick “thank you” email to all the hardworking people involved goes a long way. And if you’ve connected with a vendor, ask about adding them to your referral list or see if maybe they’d like to meet at a networking event. This is how you build friendships and as an entrepreneur, work friends help make the world go ‘round and it helps you to build an incredible team of trusted and amazing people for future events.

I hope this list was helpful! What are some other tips you’ve tried in your business that have helped you work as a team with other wedding vendors? Tell me in the comments below!

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And if you’d like to work with me on an event, contact me on my homepage here and let’s chat! 

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