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Unique Gifts to Put on Your Wedding Registry

June 6, 2019

When getting married, one of the fun tasks is registering for items for you and your fiancé to use once you’re newlyweds! With more and more couples living together before marriage, not everyone needs to fill an empty home once they get hitched. Here are a few wedding registry ideas that will help you think outside of the toaster!

Your Honeymoon

Unique Gifts for your wedding registry

While you might not need a new set of china, you might be looking forward to your honeymoon. Depending on the trip, the bill can get extremely expensive. Having a honeymoon fund on your wedding registry with a company like Zola, guests can contribute towards your dream trip! With help from your guests, you’ll actually be able to go on that luxury cruise you’ve been eyeing. The memories will be worth more than any tangible item you could have registered for. 

A Down Payment for Your House

How to Make a House a Home

Again, not every wedding registry has to include items to fill your cabinets. If a goal of yours is to buy a house after getting married, ask your loved ones to help. You can set up a cash fund, or find a polite way to ask for money towards a future down payment, or DIY projects you’ve been eager to work on. Invite your friends and family over as an extra-special thank you to show them what they contributed to!

Bigger Household Items

When you already have the basics, like dishes, consider registering for bigger ticket items you might not buy yourself. Think about the appliances and amenities you’ve been really wanting around your home. Add a bigger TV to mount on your living room wall, or the lawn mower you’ve been wanting to upgrade to. If you love entertaining, add a grill to your wedding registry that you can use in the warmer weather. Guests can also go in together on bigger items. Worst case, you can get a 15% discount on anything that wasn’t purchased when you register at stores like Target

Gift cards

Some couples are hesitant to make a wedding registry because they simply don’t have the room for gifts. Regardless, your loved ones are going to want to buy you gifts, even if you don’t register. Instead of receiving a bunch of items you don’t need, register for gift cards to your favorite stores so you can shop later on when you have the room/need for the items. You could even ask for gift cards to Home Depot, so that you can buy any household items you need on a regular basis. 

A Donation to Your Favorite Charity

If you truly feel like you have everything you need, consider having your guests make a donation to a charity that means something to both of you. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that your family and friends are contributing to a great charity in your honor! Pick a charity that aligns with your passions and let them know where and how they can donate!

Have fun registering and planning! If you’re looking for additional sites to help make the process easier, check out my blog post on perfecting your wedding registry and don’t forget to reach out for help planning your special day! 

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