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The Local Table Podcast (and my other favorite podcasts)

May 23, 2019

Welcome To The Feathered Arrow Podcast: The Local Table

I am beyond excited to share that Feathered Arrow is expanding this summer with the podcast called “The Local Table”! Having a podcast has a goal of mine for years + I cannot believe it’s finally a reality. Sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other even if your circumstances aren’t perfect.

Kari of Feathered Arrow Events of The Local Table Podcast

I’ve always loved mentoring and learning from others so I wanted to create a platform beyond my blog to share my experiences and expertise that I’ve learned over the years. Before it was a podcast, The Local Table was an idea I created back in 2015. I hosted small dinner gathers to create spaces for people to connect over food and drinks and build community. The mission was simple: “We believe that community happens around a table with a good drink in hand, incredible food in front of you, great people around you + an atmosphere unlike any other.” You can read more about the beginning of The Local Table on this blog post.  However, I learned that hosting small dinners and finding locations and vendors was a hard thing to make a profit off of. So truth be told it was a business venture that just wasn’t viable without charging people an arm and a leg to attend. Chalk it up as a good learning experience and ideas for what’s now come to be, my podcast.

My goal with The Local Table as a podcast is to build community and create content that is not only inspirational but educational for other female entrepreneurs or women wanting to get after their goals. No matter what phase of business or life that you’re in, you’ll find tips/advice and stories to help you be at your best and successful. As I prepare to launch hopefully by mid June, if you have any questions or ideas you’d like discussed on The Local Table or know someone that would make a great guest, send me an email at

My Top 6 Favorite Podcasts

Stay tuned for the official launch of The Local Table coming to you in June! In the meantime, take a listen to some of my other favorite podcasts listed below:

Jenna Kutcher “Goal Digger”: This is one of the best podcasts available for entrepreneurs. You’ll find out how Jenna turned her photography business into a 6-figure empire + she shares her tips to implement into your own business. 

Rachel Hollis “Rise”: Rachel Hollis is my spirit animal. Her combined real-talk and quick wit make this podcast a joy to listen to. It’s like getting business advice from your best friend. 

Hilary Rushford “You’re Welcome”: Although she just launched this podcast, I’ve loved every episode because she is REAL with you! She discusses serious subjects that we all feel, but that are hard to talk about. She also has a successful company in New York called Dean Street Society. You have to check out this boss lady!

Jonathan Van Ness “Getting Curious”: Who doesn’t love Queer Eye and cry at every single episode!? His podcast is great because he strives to truly understand topics and brings us all along for the ride. We’re all curious about today’s world, so why not be curious together?

The New York Times “The Daily”: This educational podcast brings me up to speed with the news. They explain certain topics really well and give a deeper look into them. I always leave feeling a bit smarter.

Marie Forleo Podcast: Anything with Oprah’s seal of approval gets my vote. Marie refreshingly tackles business + lifestyle. I’ve taken a business course from here too and she’s the real deal to get your business thriving!

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Happy listening!  

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