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How To Make A House A Home After You Get Married

January 17, 2019

3 tips on how to make your place of living a sanctuary as newlyweds

Congratulations! You got married! Even if you and your spouse were living together before you tied the knot, there’s something special about living together as newlyweds. However, it can sometimes feel like the collection of each of your individual belongings isn’t serving your new chapter and space properly. If that’s the case, then I have a few tips below on how to make a house a home after you get married.


Reflect on your wedding design

How to Make a House a Home

It’s no secret that you and your partner are naturally drawn to certain styles. So there’s a really good chance that decisions you made while planning your wedding reflect that. You may even have some remaining décor pieces that you can display in your home! There’s a great article you have to read on that discusses this exact idea. If you loved a whimsical, flowy feel on your wedding day, then maybe you gravitate towards French, countryside pieces. Or if you weren’t afraid of a pop of color, then a bold, mid century sofa may be up your alley!


Print and display your wedding photos

A chic rustic wedding at Calamigos Ranch, welcome table with vintage table runner

Photo by: Jesialex Photography

This is such an easy way to add personality to your home! Pick some of your favorite photos from your wedding day and have them printed and framed. Do you have a  hilarious photo of you two shoving cake in one another’s face? Or an emotional black and white photo of your first dance, it will immediately help set the tone of your home. Not to mention you paid your photographer your hard earned money – show off their artistry and the snapshots of your love! If you’re ever feeling like you want a refresh of your space, swapping out a few photos can instantly give your home a facelift with minimal effort.


Use all your wedding gifts to your advantage

While going through the generous gifts you received for your wedding, make necessary swaps with your old stuff. It’s pretty common when you start living with someone, you may end up with 13 mismatching plates. But trust me, you don’t need 3 blenders. Donate what you have multiples of or have no more need for. It’s a great communication exercise as a couple, and clearing your space together is good for the mind and soul. Now use those new wine glasses you received to toast your new home together!


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