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How To Rest And Get Ahead of the New Year

December 13, 2018

A step-by-step guide on how to wrap up your goals for 2018 and get ready for 2019

Earlier this month, Team Feathered Arrow had our last wedding of the 2018 season! It was a beautiful day so full of love + I can’t wait to share it with you all soon. However, I still have so much work to do before the end of the year. I wanted to share my tips on how to rest and get ahead of the New Year!




I don’t know about you but I have about twelve hundred different to-do lists. Between my planner, phone, notebooks and post-it notes, my list of tasks are generally spread out on whatever I can find at the time. When I need to get organized, I take everything – I mean everything, and write it all out on ONE list. I make separate sections between work, personal, other, etc. Seeing everything on one complete list makes it easier to wrap your head around where to start.




how to rest and get ahead of the new year


Now take a look at the items on your list and figure out the order you need to tackle everything. Are there things with hard-pressed deadlines? If so, do those tasks first! Just do them – dig in and check them off. I always like to start with the most time consuming item on my list. That may seem counterintuitive, but if you just tackle the largest item on your to-do list first, it’ll help set the tone for the smaller items. If you have a team, now is a great time to delegate some of those to-do items. If there are projects that can wait until the New Year, you can figure out the game plan when you’re back from holiday refreshed and ready to tackle them.





This is so important for all you fellow entrepreneurs. Because we are our own bosses, we have to decide when we can officially clock out and enter vacation mode.  So when you decide that it’s time for you, make sure you let people know, so they understand what they can expect from you while you’re on vacation. One thing I always do before the holidays or taking a vacation is to ensure all my current clients are aware that I may have limited contact for the next few days/weeks. I set a vacation email response for any inquiring clients, and this allows my business to continue without clients or potential clients feeling like I’m just ignoring their message. I think setting boundaries is so important for a balanced lifestyle.




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Take a moment to reward how hard you’ve worked this past year.  It can be a spa day, getting your hair cut, or maybe even buying a great outfit. Practice a little end of the year self care. Think of it as a restart button for your brain, away from the lists and bustle, and into a relaxed and present mindset.



Kari Dirksen of Feathered Arrow Events and Wedding Planning shares how she practices gratitude


You did it! Now turn off your computer, put your phone away and live in the moment with family and friends. The holiday season is so special and you don’t want to miss a single part!



It’s always a little nostalgic to look back on the year as a whole and remember my favorite moments and things I’ve learned. Thank you to all of my clients for letting me be a part of your special day and for giving me the most amazing wedding season yet! Cheers to 2019!

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