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How To Feel Healthy + Stress Free Without Having To Go To The Gym

August 1, 2018

Feathered Arrow Collective – An Entrepreneurs Guide To Wellness

(Without Going to the Gym)


Self-Care, Wellness + Financial Freedom with Young Living Essential Oils

Are you wondering how the heck can I get healthy without going to the gym? Well friends, there are multiple ways to live a healthy lifestyle and one of them is with Young Living Essential Oils. I’m not encouraging never going to the gym because I 100% believe being active to stay healthy and strong. But today I’m sharing another way to live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve talked about it many times before, but wellness and self-care as an entrepreneur are so important. We often forget to take care of ourselves because we have a business to run, clients to serve, family to care for and friendships to maintain. But the most important relationship we forget about, is the one with ourself! I realized that after 3 years of running my business, I was feeling completely drained the majority of the time. Even though I love this work, I was just not taking care of myself. Plain and simple. I believe that what they say is true: you must fill up your well first otherwise you won’t be able to fill up others.

A Step Towards Healthier Living With Young Living

Last November, I started diving into essential oils + finding ways to rid my home of toxic products. I’ve learned a lot about what’s in our products and some of it is a little terrifying. I use an app called Think Dirty which helps me know how toxic products are in my home and what ingredients are making it so toxic. You simply download it to your phone, scan the barcodes of your items and it will tell you the level of toxicity of that product. Be cautious when using the app though and do your research behind what makes that product toxic too. Remember to do your due diligence.

This has been one step among many though to take control of my life, daily activities + to feel freakin’ good about myself! There is something about turning 30 that makes you realize it’s important to implement a routine of self-care + living a healthy lifestyle. As I contemplated how to approach that, I realized that I needed to dive into a community of women putting their health first and wanting to make big changes in their life. Because trust me, riding your home of toxic products is a journey. So I joined a team of badass women with Young Living who are not only entrepreneurs but they are walking the walk not just talking the talk of a healthier lifestyle.

I joined under an incredible woman named Mary. I followed her for years on Instagram and had tried to connect with her back in 2012 so that we could meet up in LA but timing didn’t work before she moved to Uganda with her family. So here we were in 2017, Facetiming over an ocean and realizing that God divinely placed us in each others lives. Mary quickly realized that I was the 6th person meant to be on her team and to take on the business side of Young Living as a leader. I was nervous but honestly it felt right to dive in head first to not only better my health + join an incredible community of women but also to work towards an astonishing means of having financial freedom through this business.


Young Living Essential Oils Big Magic Book

My WHY For Joining Young Living + The Business Side of The Company

I wanted to share why I’m branching this off as a part of Feathered Arrow. For the past 2 years, I’ve wanted to expand my business and find other streams of revenue. This was the perfect fit into my ongoing conversation of self-care and wellness as an entrepreneur. I always told myself I wouldn’t be one of those salesy people trying to get people to buy products so I could make commission. It felt odd to do that to my friends and family but I realized it’s not like that at all. I share these products because I love them! I’ve found health benefits + an incredible group of women.

I’m in the business side of things because I have big dreams for myself, my business + my future family. I want freedom to pay off my student loans, to give back more of my money and help serve those in need. One thing I’ve learned recently is that money is a mindset. It’s what you do with your wealth that matters. My biggest why is that I want to be able to support women entrepreneurs. What if I had the means to give out loans to women to help get them off the ground to start their business? What an incredible thing to do and it’s possible folks!

The Start of Feathered Arrow Collective

From this came Feathered Arrow Collective. A group of people coming together to live a healthier life, rid their home of toxic products, reduce our carbon footprint, build community + finding freedom both financially + physically in choosing to be healthy in all aspects of our life. A collective of humans knowing that self-care + love for ourselves is the most important relationship before we can serve others. I have some big goals for the future but those goals don’t get achieved by sitting at home dreaming about them! You have to put in the hard work to make it happen. You have to go out and literally get what you want, be open to opportunities, say yes to things that scare you and those dreams will start to manifest.


Young Living Essential Oils Travel Magazines Healthier Living Non Toxic Products

What Exactly Do Young Living Essential Oils Do

Let me tell you how I’ve incorporated oils into my life and how they benefited me. I’d love for you to join me! If you’re interested in knowing more about essential oils, toxin free products and how to find financial freedom, let’s chat. Let’s find your WHY and make your WHY the reason behind everything you do. If you don’t have a why, people won’t champion you, so give them a reason to!  If you want to get a starter kit of oils, here is a brief look into what you will get and what the oils do! It’s the best way to try them out, learn more and get hooked on living an all natural life! You can sign up at the link HERE so you can start your wellness journey towards a toxin free life! Please email me at and I can walk you through it!

Starter Kit: Here’s What’s Included all for $160!
11 oils (Here is a list of what’s included and some of the many ways you can use each of them)
  • Lavender – Helps you sleep better at night and produces a calming effect
  • Frankincense – This stuff is magic and has made my complexion look amazing!
  • Lemon – This is a vitality oil so you can digest it! Add this to your tea, cooking or use it in any cleaning products
  • Copaiba – Helps reduce pain and inflammation
  • Raven – helps with respiratory function. Stuffed up or coughing? Rub it on your chest! The natural version of Vick’s Vapor Rub!
  • Panaway – basically the all natural version of icy hot. This stuff when mixed with copaiba helps relax muscles!
  • Stress Away – this stuff smells incredible and helps your stress melt away
  • Thieves – the best immunity booster oil out there
  • Digize – this is the best for helping your stomach feel better when you feel bloated
  • Citrus Fresh – an amazing oil to diffuse and make your home smell great and uplift your mood
  • Peppermint – Helps relieve headaches and settles upset stomaches
  • A diffuser – so you can mix blends of oils and diffuse in your home to smell great
  • Ningxia Red – This is an antioxidant wolfberry supplement that tastes so good. It gives you energy and so much of your daily nutritional intake!
  • Thieves Household Cleaning Sample – all non toxin and safe for kids (You can literally clean any surface!)
  • A community of supportive women helping you grow and learn more on Facebook and in real life!

**Young Living offers tons of products from hair care, facial care, supplements and even a kids and pets line so you can take care of your entire family!! 


What are you waiting for friends? Let’s get this journey started towards living a healthier lifestyle and being toxin free! You’ll start to feel better and be so happy knowing your family will be using all natural products!

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