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Perfecting your wedding registry

May 4, 2018

Four different wedding registry sites to help make the gifting process a breeze.


The date is set, your venue is picked and the vision is there, but now come the bridal showers, and wedding details and letting people buy you the perfect gifts. So, all that’s left is deciding what to put on your wedding registry. Guiding your guests to items that help celebrate your future marriage might seem like a daunting task. (What if everyone gives you a blender??) If the thought of walking around a store with one of those scanners doesn’t sound like your idea of a fun afternoon, then here are four websites that allow you and your partner to compose a wedding registry from the comfort of your couch!

mr and mrs cake plate, 4 sites to prefect your wedding registry

Photo by: Anya Kernes Photography


Zola is a one-stop shop of sorts for your gifts. There are hundreds of brands on their site you can choose from for your home. They provide a catalog of items ranging in everything from kitchenware to bed sheets. Guests are also able to give funds towards a honeymoon, charity or other financial goal you and your partner have specified on the site. If you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with a list of multiple places to shop, Zola is key.


My Registry

If you and your partner wish to get a variety of items in different stores, My Registry is the way to go. Rather than your guests going store to store to find the perfect gift, My Registry partners with multiple stores online, so all your guest has to do is look up your registry and they’re able to choose where to shop from. This is also a great way to include stores with different price ranges from Target to Williams Sonoma.


Triunfo creek vineyard wedding reception, lounge area, hubby and wifey pillows, always and forever sign

Photo by: Anya Kernes Photography


If you’ve already been living together and don’t have a need for a third toaster, or for those couples who are more interested in getting help with the post wedding adventure, there’s Honeyfund! Guests can contribute financially to your honeymoon with either one amount or can choose activities to send you both on, like a dinner or walking tour! It’s a fun way for guests to feel like they’re a part of your trip, wherever it may be!


The Good Beginning

For the couples who would rather give back than receive, there’s The Good Beginning. Founded by an event planner, you can choose a charity or cause nearest to your hearts and instead of buying physical gifts, guests are encouraged to donate. The site will also help you keep track of the guests that have donated so you can give your thanks. I have to admit; this is one of my favorite trends I’ve noticed happening more and more with couples. This is a great way to use your wedding to make a difference in the world.






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