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The Local Table….What’s That and What’s Next?!

September 8, 2016

Hey There –

Happy Thursday Friends! I want to share what’s been on my heart recently and because of that I’ve decided to start sending out more consistent blog posts, whether it be on design, weddings I recently did, events, portraits, introducing new people, or even just words of encouragement. I’ve been taking an Instagram course from this amazing and fellow girlboss, Jenna Kutcher. (look her up, she’s amazing!) She’s based in Wisconsin but is incredibly business savy and an Instagram guru, a killer photographer, teacher, and water color artist. Because of her class and following her on IG, she’s inspired me and sparked an idea that I wanted to start being more authentic in business and helping others out along the way. Now, I’m very new to this entrepreneur thing, but I figured, so are a lot of us! So why not bridge the gap and do this together instead of being alone, especially in the beginning! Well, in comes The Local Table! Now, I started this over a year and a half ago more as a dinner party to discover your city in a unique way gathered around the table with good food and good drinks. But I decided that my heart was really in building community around that table for small business owners. I mean what’s better than networking and connecting with a plate of good food or a great drink in your hand?! I’m still ironing out the details with some fellow boss ladies, but I really want to create a local community of small business entrepreneurs to have a table where they can come to and learn, connect, collaborate, work together and build community. We all know LA can be lonely and man even when you have a great community (which I’m fortunate to have) it can still feel lonely sometimes. So, let’s kick loneliness to the curb, it’s not welcome here and start building meaningful community around us. We’re not meant to do life alone. Ever. So let’s start doing life together.




More details to come on The Local Table soon! To make sure you don’t miss out. Be sure to enter your email address in our pop-up or shoot me an email at!


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